Frequently Asked Questions

1. Installation

Please download the Sensoterra app from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and follow the steps in the app to register yourself. You'll need to install the app and register an account before installing hardware in the field.

If a LoRa network is present, no extra tools are needed. If private LoRa gateways are necessary, some basic additional tools may be needed to mount the gateway indoor or outdoor.

If you have a gateway and need help installing it - watch our quick and handy installation guide on our YouTube channel.

The first data will be received and is viewable online within 5 minutes after shaking and inserting a probe in the soil.

2. Probe

Volumetric soil moisture content.

You don’t need to turn on a probe, it is already active.

No, Sensoterra provides default calibrations curves for sandy, clay and peat soils to convert the raw data to soil moisture percentages. These can be selected via the app or customer website. A custom calibration is available, please contact customer support.

The guaranteed range from probe to gateway is 1.5 km line of sight. Please be aware that obstacles between probe and gateway may decrease the range.

Push the probe down in the soil till the blue part of the probe sticks out above the soil 3-5 inches or 7-15 cm.

The probe is designed to withstand gentle hammering with a rubber mallet, however, user assumes any risk of breakage associated with hammering.  

If a LoRa network is present, the Sensoterra probe will automatically connect to the nearest gateway after you have configured the probe in the app.

Use the  ‘Sensoterra app’, log in and  follow the instructions 'adding a probe'.

Yes, you can configure the threshold for each probe in the app, and change this value over time, depending on crop development.

In Europe and Asia the probe communicates at 868 MHz, in North America and Mexico the probe communicates at 915 MHz.

Please check if there are any cracks in the soil which might prevent the probe tips to make proper soil contact.

Confirm the proper soil type has been selected, and/or consider selecting a different soil type calibration (eg clay instead of sand). High salinity may affect soil moisture readings.

3. App

The app is distributed on iOS and Android.

Please check if you have an active internet connection and if you have the latest update of the App. If the problem persists please contact customer support.

Just relocate the probe and re-register it with the app. The app and site will show the probe on the new location.

You cannot delete a probe from your account, but you can disable the probe by editing the probe in the app and changing the status from “Operational” to “Disabled.”

This indicate either a) the soil moisture is below or above the present thresholds,  or cb) the probe has not uploaded data at least 24 hours.

4. Soil moisture data

Through the Sensoterra app on your smartphone, or the customer web portal:

The soil moisture probe can be used for any type of soil, and is factory calibrated for sandy, clay and peat soils. The probe can also be used in soilless substrates, like perlite. For custom calibrations contact customer support.

The soil moisture is measured as volumetric water content percentage.

Yes, you can download all soil moisture data through the customer web portal.

Sensoterra has an open API. For more detailed information, please reach out to our customer support.