Our mission will be on Netflix

Our mission will be on Netflix

Sensoterra's mission of 'healthier soils with healthier crops' will be the topic of the new documentary of Netflix: Kiss the Ground.     

The most debated topic by Sensoterra - soil health improvement - will be on 'Kiss the Ground': a brand new documentary from Netflix, live on September 22nd. 

The solution for climate change is in our hands or, better saying, is underneath us: through the soil! With soil regeneration on the spotlight, 'Kiss the Ground' will show how healthier soils can be achieved by us. Soil is the key factor for crop adaptation and yield increase in times of weather changes, population growth, with less water resources and less space.


Kiss the ground


'Not a hippie speech'

Farmers all over the world have been feeling the effects of weather changes over the years, negatively affecting crop yield while depleting primary resources, such as water and soil. Farmers will be the protagonists of a new era where soil will be the main scene. 

The whole idea is to literally read soils' behavior, in order to predict future necessities based on historical data. Better crops can be achieved once soils are on a healthy state, consisting of: enough water, microorganisms, nutrients and air pores.

This balance varies within soil and crop types, however, Sensoterra soil moisture sensors are here to understand and work with those differences via smart-calibrated data. Hourly moisture readings in association with other filed management tools, such as automated irrigation, temperature readings, can reduce field variables, likewise, uncertainties. 

When working with Sensoterra soil moisture sensors, growers start to respect soil necessity for water, at the active root zone, other than traditional techniques that can cause misinterpretation. Data don't lie, on the contrary, it reduce under- and over-irrigation problems leading to reduction of fertilizers and pesticides, less pests, healthier roots, healthier plants, optimal yield to scale up and feed bigger populations without cutting no more trees. 

Curious how Sensoterra can help your crop? Read our case studies and send us your question to: [email protected]


About Sensoterra

Sensoterra is a leader in wireless soil moisture sensing, providing data-driven solutions for optimizing land and freshwater resources for agriculture, horticulture, landscaping, and Smart cities. LoRaWAN technology and wireless connectivity empower better decision making for land management through smart soil moisture measurements. With thousands of Sensoterra sensors in the ground, generating over 60 million data points globally, Sensoterra grows every year and have been supporting from small to big-ag growers. 

With two types of sensors on the market, growers can decide for different lengths of single-depth or multi-depth sensors. 






Source: https://kissthegroundmovie.com/press-news/

Written by:

Caroline Arab
Soil Data Manager

Caroline Arab

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