NNNCo our partner for AS frequency orders

National Narrowband Network Communications (NNNCo) are a preferred partner for our AS LoRaWAN frequency. They hold stock of sensors in Australia and can supply throughout the AS region. 

NNNCo is an LPWAN  (Low Power Wide Area Network) Licenced Telecommunications Carrier and Australia’s longest-running LoRaWAN network operator with a carrier licence. The company provides the network layer and technology-agnostic data platform that makes IoT accessible across any industry to enable enterprise-grade solutions for business and government. 

NNNCo’s vision is to accelerate the world’s adoption of IoT by making it universally accessible and valuable to people, communities and enterprise. Its Enterprise IoT service is deployed using LoRaWAN technology, the globally-adopted open standard for secure, carrier-grade IoT connectivity.

“Soil moisture condition is a key use in Australia to give farmers real-time insights that will help them to make better decisions and ultimately maximise their water usage, crop performance and yields as well as improving operational efficiencies. NNNCo is very pleased to be working in partnership with Sensoterra in Australia to deliver this solution to farmers with a low-cost low power wireless system that delivers the results farmers need.” Rob Zagarella, CEO NNNCo