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On a mission to Connect Everything

We offer the Fleet space satellite and LoRa gateway kit as part of our product portfolio. Fleet can supply the kit directly from their Australia based facilities. It is rugged and suited for remote locations. Fleet can provide a solar kit to power the gateways when mains power is not available. The technology is new and we work with fleet to continuously improve the connectivity experience for our customers.

Fleet Gateway Kit

Fleet is an agile, next generation connectivity company, on a mission to Connect Everything using cutting-edge communications and space technologies to maximise the resource efficiency of human civilisation and enable the next industrial revolution. Fleet operates a ubiquitous connectivity platform that integrates long range communication protocol LoRaWAN into the Iridium global constellation of satellites, to enable the deployment of large amounts of low power, low cost IoT sensors anywhere in the world.

"We are impressed with the capabilities of the Sensoterra probes. By combining ease of use, robustness and cost point, they really open up possibilities in large scale adoption of IoT on farm. We're excited about having them as a partner!"
Flavia Tata Nardini, CEO, Fleet Space


To learn more about Fleet's LoRa satellite connectivity, visit www.fleet.space

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