LORIOT is a global IoT company, founded in Switzerland in 2015, with the mission to enable long-range IoT solution deployments in every corner of the globe (and even space!).

They provide an industrial-grade Hybrid Network Management System, supporting both the LoRaWAN® Network Servers and mioty® Service Centers.

Our core product is a system of multiple applications to easily set up, maintain, operate, and scale a distributed, resilient and secure radio network. It responds to the different needs of a variety of customers spanning from researchers to professionals, from small companies to large enterprises, from telco operators to local governments allowing them to reduce time to market dramatically.

- Julian Studer, CEO LORIOT


LORIOT’s global hybrid infrastructure and software ensure high availability and low-latency access to a wide range of supported LoRaWAN and mioty gateways and sensor devices used for Smart City, Smart Building, Smart Farming, Smart Agriculture, and Smart Industry applications, guarantee integration with popular third-party platforms and provide outstanding security standards.

With 18 public servers, 7 nationwide rollouts, the support of 35+smart cities, and operating in 150+ countries, LORIOT is one of the leading LPWAN network solution providers.

Their vision is to enable IoT worldwide and thereby transform production processes, people’s lives, and the planet for the better.


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