Harnessing the power of Smart Agriculture

KPN actively contributes to the IoT adoption in the Netherlands and abroad. Internet of Things means that the things around us are increasingly connected. Machines, cars, refrigerators and even agricultural land, dikes and buildings. Just about all "things" can be connected to the internet. Sensors and other special hardware are used for this. Once these "things" are online, they can communicate. With each other, with their users, with organizations and other related parties. That is the internet of things or the Internet of Things (IoT).

KPN has three networks that were rolled out specifically for Internet Of Things. As a result, there is always a network suitable for our customers' applications. We ensure that "things" are connected so that our customers can extract data from it and transform it into information. Consider information about insight into current use or process, but can also be used to make predictions about future use. In this way you can create new business opportunities and solutions with Internet of Things that so far seemed impossible.

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