Easy to install and low-cost soil moisture tool
for agriculture professionals

Horticulture professionals choose Sensoterra
to track soil moisture anytime from anywhere

The smart soil moisture measurement tool for smart cities


Sensoterra is the low-cost, wireless solution to real-time soil moisture measurement for agriculture, horticulture, nature restoration and landscaping.

Real-time monitoring

Real-time soil moisture data provides constant insight into crop conditions.

Fully wireless and remote

For most locations, the sensors connect with existing LoRaWAN infrastructure. For rural locations, a gateway should be placed up to 1.5 km from the sensors. The sensor battery lasts between 3-10 years, depending on uplink frequency and connectivity.

Economic pricing

Single depth probes are low cost, including 3 years connectivity and 1 year product warranty, with a lifetime of 5+ years thanks to rugged design.

Free Data

No subscription for data, app use or insights. Data provided through open API or push URL. Data can also be viewed in phone app or website. Free notifications and emails based on customer settings.

Two-minute installation

Probes are pushed in the soil (use of rubber hammer is possible). Scan QR code and first data point appears on your phone within seconds.

Compatible with all soil types

Probes can be placed in all soil types and compositions. Data readings are calibrated for clay, clay-loam, peat, saline clay, sand, with more to come.

Sensoterra, the fully wireless, easy to use
and low-cost solution for soil moisture measurement anywhere, anytime.