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Use cases

Sensoterra is the low-Total Cost of Ownership, highly accurate, simple and robust wireless IoT solution for real-time soil moisture data. Learn how platform builders, system integrators and end-users are making better decisions by integrating the Sensoterra sensors in their water management solutions!

Smart Resilient Cities


Smart irrigation for city landscaping Integrating real-time soil moisture readings to help cities conserve water while reducing costs

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Smart city landscaping

Water technology for Healthy Urban Green
Data integration supports municipalities and landscapers save water, money and reducing CO2

Green Infrastructure

Soil moisture management for flood resilience and green infrastructure
Minimize flood risk, managing storm water runoff and improve green infrastructure for resilient cities

Nature based solutions

Smart Integrated water management  for Climate Resilient Cities
Nature Based Solutions offer a holistic response to the functionality of flood resilience

Water governance


Introduce smart IoT technology to help balancing supply and demand, monitoring remote areas, green infrastructure, dikes, wetlands and other fresh water resources.

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Green Infrastructure

Water management for flood resilience & green infrastructure
Managing flood risk management with smart data for storm water management

Middle East Smart Irrigation

Water governance for agriculture and urban use
Scalable data & real-time insights with fully integrated smart IoT systems


Precision Agriculture


Get a return on investment within one crop cycle. Understand your crop’s irrigation needs, improve production efficiency and yield

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Pivot irrigation: Potatoes

Optimized pivot rounds with soil moisture data
Reduced water and energy consumption with optimized pivot rounds for potato fields

Subsurface Drip Irrigation: Hops

Increased yield during drought conditions
Canadian hop grower increase yield and ensured crop quality during drought conditions

Drip Irrigation: Greenhouse

Precision irrigation in controlled environment
A Dutch greenhouse grower saved their crop, and improved yield, during extreme drought

Subsurface drip: Date Palms

Precision irrigation for date palms in the Middle East
Scalable data & real-time insights with fully integrated smart IoT systems

Automated drip: Viticulture

Precision irrigation for wine production
Optimized irrigation management for improved grape quality and production


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