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Optimal Freshwater Use: Enhancing Agriculture with Sensoterra Soil Sensors

Growers face mounting pressure from buyers demanding lower prices and higher quality, and governments seeking greater influence and oversight. Meanwhile, rising costs of fuel, energy, inputs, and labor, coupled with dwindling natural resources, add to the challenges.

Agriculture and horticulture account for 70% of the global use of freshwater, with up to 40% wasted due to over-irrigation or leakages. Efficient water management is paramount in addressing this issue.

Drought-induced under-irrigation is a well-known problem, often resulting in hydrophobic soil unable to retain water. Less recognized but equally significant is the problem of over-irrigation, which not only wastes resources but also leads to nutrient and pesticide runoff, soil depletion, increased input costs, and potential freshwater contamination.

Wireless soil moisture sensors are the solution to increasing yields and conserving water, fuel, energy, and manpower. Sensoterra sensors play a crucial role in irrigation optimization, whether automated or manual, monitoring water infiltration, dynamic plant interactions, and overall soil condition.

With applications in Precision Agriculture, Sensoterra soil sensors are utilized in various irrigation methods, including drip, sprinkler, subsurface, and hose-reel irrigation.

“We never know the worth of water, till the well is dry.”

Thomas Fuller

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How it has been applied in Precision agriculture.

Pivot irrigation: Potatoes

Optimized pivot rounds with soil moisture data
Reduced water and energy consumption with optimized pivot rounds for potato fields

Subsurface Drip Irrigation: Hops

Increased yield during drought conditions
Canadian hop grower increase yield and ensured crop quality during drought conditions

Drip Irrigation: Greenhouse

Precision irrigation in controlled environment
A Dutch greenhouse grower saved their crop, and improved yield, during extreme drought

Subsurface drip: Date Palms

Precision irrigation for date palms in the Middle East
Scalable data & real-time insights with fully integrated smart IoT systems

Automated drip: Viticulture

Precision irrigation for wine production
Optimized irrigation management for improved grape quality and production


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