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Soil Moisture Sensor

Precision, Simplicity and Durability – for Every Soil Type

5-10 years of battery life

No wires, no fuss

Highly secure data connection

Suitable for all soil types

Revolutionize watering

We are constantly seeking innovative solutions that allow us to improve plant growth and foster green spaces that thrive, while still conserving water and energy inputs. Our state-of-the-art soil moisture sensors are  leap forward in achieving these goals. By providing real-time, precision soil moisture data, our 100% wireless and maintenance free soil moisture sensors empower you to make informed decisions to optimize irrigation and improve water management for crops or green spaces.

Optimize water usage

Tailor your watering schedules based on actual soil moisture levels, thanks to the interpreted soil moisture data. This way, you don’t even need to be a soil expert to reduce waste and save on water costs.

Promote plant health

Ensure that your plants receive exactly what they need for optimal growth, leading to lush and vibrant green spaces on your fields or in an urban environment.

Support sustainability initiatives

Contribute to your environment’s sustainability goals by adopting a smart and water-conserving technology like our soil moisture sensor!

Why soil moisture monitoring is critical

Water is a precious resource. Overwatering not only wastes water, but also leads to suboptimal growth conditions, and increased susceptibility to diseases. On the other hand, underwatering also risks the health of your crops or the aesthetic value of urban green spaces, which affects the community’s well-being and biodiversity.

Benefits for you

5-10 years of battery life

No wires, no fuss

Highly secure data connection

Soil moisture sensor

Benefits & Features

Sensoterra’s soil moisture sensors are designed to address water challenges head-on. They give you interpreted soil moisture data, allowing you to understand when to start and stop irrigation without having to be a soil expert. Our soil moisture sensors are 100% wireless, easily installed, and free of maintenance! All the data is simply integrated into your existing platform. We help you make sense of water!

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Interpreted data, built to integrate

The only API-first soil moisture solution on the market


Whether you’re overseeing a sprawling city park or sprawling fields of harvest, our flexible system can adapt. Compatibility with various irrigation systems and easy access to data through our intuitive platform means that you are always in control, no matter where you are.

Our app is an easy way to get started. You can easily manage your sensors and set up one or multiple irrigation thresholds, based on soil types. Get even more by integrating the interpreted soil moisture data into your already existing dashboards on water and land management.

  • 24/7 access on mobile or PC
  • Average sensor values per location
  • API first: Easy integration with ANY platform
  • A quick way to save time & resources
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