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Multi Depth sensor

Sensoterra Soil Moisture Sensors measure volumetric water content of the soil. They are all wireless and use LoRaWAN to get your data to the Cloud. They are manufactured at scale and available globally for you to order today.

Our new Multi Depth sensor has the same robustness as our Single Depth sensors – hammer it into the ground! No buttons, no screens, no nonsense. The sensor comes with 6 soil moisture sensors in one device. Knowing the soil moisture at several depths will allow you to track the health of your plant at its active root zone during the whole crop cycle. Also, with multiple points of measurement you can measure moisture levels at different soil horizons.

  • Hourly measurements, 6-8 years battery life
  • Completely wireless (including datalogger)
  • Robust and easy to install without additional tools (hammerable)
  • Minimal soil disturbance
  • 100% maintenance free
  • Easy access to data – API-first
  • Compatible with all soil types (>45 standard calibrations)
  • High security data connections and database
  • 2 years Cloud Platform access included – no monthly fees!
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For more information, download our Technical Data Sheet

Measure soil moisture at 6 different depths

  • 10 cm / 4 inches
  • 20 cm / 8 inches
  • 30 cm / 12 inches
  • 45 cm / 18 inches
  • 60 cm / 24 inches
  • 90 cm / 35 inches

With a temperature sensor at -25 cm / -10 inches

Active root zone

Getting data points at several depths let’s you measure soil moisture at the active root zone all through the crop cycle.

Varying soil profiles

With the Multi Depth sensor you can select different soil types at different depths, which allows you to get valuable insights all through the soil horizon.

Excellent connectivity

The Multi Depth sensor has an external antenna for visibility above the crop canopy. This significantly improves connectivity, and makes the Multi Depth sensor an excellent choice even for crops with large canopies.

Easy installation and measurement

Sensoterra soil moisture measurements happen in two parts. Firstly an in-the-ground measurement of volumetric water content and secondly an in-the-cloud calibration. Your sensors will take a soil moisture reading every hour and send the data over the LoRaWAN network to the cloud. We calibrate the measurement in the cloud to match the selected soil type to provide you with more actionable data.

We have an advanced REST API and near real-time HTTP Push functionality for integrating the data into your own data dashboard or system. You can also access your data in the cloud via our web-based monitor or on your smartphone using the Sensoterra app.

Easy installation

For a detailed walk-through of installation, watch the video or download the installation guide below

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