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About us

Of all the water on our planet, only 3% is fresh water. More than two thirds of this amount is not available because it is locked up in ice caps and glaciers. Which means that less than 1% of all water on earth is available for human use and shortage of – or too much – water is leading to problems everywhere. This better be managed well, but if it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed. It is our mission to enable water management platforms and solutions worldwide. We help by ‘Making Sense of Water’ . We produce simple, robust and low-cost wireless soil moisture sensors which are easy to deploy and built to integrate.

Our team

René Voogt

Chief Commercial Officer, co-CEO

As CCO and Co-CEO, René combines a technical background (geo-informatics) and a background in commercial excellence. He has many years of experience in the global IoT industry, with a focus on water management. Before Sensoterra, René has founded a platform for sensor-based monitoring of urban green projects, which is still the market leader in the Benelux region.

Ellery Rijkaart

Chief Technology Officer, co-CEO

Ellery is from a family of generations of growers, which helps a lot in understanding soil moisture and soil dynamics. He has a strong technical and operational background and he has founded several technical companies.

Jessica Nuboer

Head of Marketing

Jessica has an MSc in Agroecology at Wageningen University & Research, and a BA at the University of Amsterdam. Along with her extensive background in marketing for sustainable technology and her passion for all things plants and soil related, she gives a unique perspective to building awareness for sustainable water management for agriculture.

Hans Duursma

Sales Support & Customer Success Manager

Thiago Macedo

Senior Software Engineer

Thiago is a Control & Automation Software engineer. Since 2005 he has been developing software solutions for industrial applications.

Almog Strickmann

Customer Support Engineer

Almog is an experienced Customer Support Engineer, he has had several customer support roles with highly technical companies.

Pieter Ruys

Product Engineer

Pieter is an expert in hardware/software integration.

Luc van Zandbrink

Soil & Calibrations manager

The moisture condition of the soils beneath our feet is fundamental for plants, crops and nature. Sensoterra develops soil moisture sensors of various types for a wide spectrum of applications. As Soil Manager I have an overview of our customers' growing mediums and the most fitting calibrations of moisture characteristics.


Join our Team!

Working at Sensoterra means an inspiring and challenging work environment in an internationally operating business. You get the opportunity to grow in your responsibilities and with the company. We have an open and informal office culture. Our team is young, ambitious, driven, and enjoys learning and working together. We offer a market conform salary based on experience and education and flexible working hours.



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