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Internship: Dike Crack Risk Assessment Based on Soil Moisture Sensors

December 1st, 2023

How does water act between the phreatic surface and ground water level? Do you enjoy putting science to practice, are you supportive, not afraid of getting your hands dirty, and do you like to alternate these things? Sensoterra offers an internship opportunity that incorporates all of this within a young, innovative, and growing startup.

About us

Sensoterra develops, sells, and supports the use of soil moisture sensors. Customers from around the world deploy them for applications in agriculture, smart cities, and water governance. It is our mission to enable water management platforms and solutions worldwide to ‘Make Sense of Water.’

Your challenge

Dikes in the Netherlands serve both as an asset and a vulnerability, considering the longer wet and dry periods expected due to climate change. Currently, dike cracks are monitored through regular field visits, relying on the experience of individuals at the waterboard. In collaboration with Hoogheemraadschap (Waterboard) Delfland, we have initiated a pilot project to measure soil moisture at various depths to determine the relationship between volumetric water content [m3m-3] and the formation of cracks.

Our SoilLab is at your disposal to mimic the processes and determine the effect of various soil physics parameters, such as soil texture, gravel content, and organic matter. In “sandbox mode”, you can put your ideas into practice as your own handy(wo)man and without bureaucratic hassle.

You have:

  • Almost completed your MSc, covering soil and water physics.
  • Understanding of the requirements to get from sensor installation to a scientific report.
  • A creative, innovative, disciplined, proactive and communicative attitude.
  • Scripting skills in Python or similar languages.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English (and Dutch).
  • A relatable, and approachable personality.

What we provide you with:

Working at Sensoterra means being part of an inspiring and challenging work environment in an internationally operating business. You get the opportunity to grow with the company. We have an open and informal office culture. Our team is young, ambitious, driven, and enjoys learning and working together. We offer a standard internship compensation. Working at the office in Houten is (mostly) required, and we are looking for a candidate who lives close by.


Convinced? Reach out to [email protected] or call +31 (0)30 – 303 5557.