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Built for Integration

With an API-first approach, Sensoterra soil moisture data is built to integrate into any platform. Give your users the data insights they need for water and land management practices. By integrating precision soil moisture data into your platforms, growers, landscapers, and land managers will know what to do, and when.

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The benefits of an integration-first approach

We make high-quality, robust, and affordable soil moisture sensors and we believe that these are part of a bigger ‘sensor ecosystem’, to get better insights for better-informed decisions.

  • Wireless, maintenance-free hardware
  • Scalable installation (install a sensor in less than a minute)
  • Long battery life, set it and forget it
  • 99.5% precision data with calibrated soil moisture readings (VWC%)
  • Out-of-the-box data interpretation with high- and low- thresholds for optimized irrigation scheduling for plant and soil health

For that reason, we are always looking for integration partners who are adding value to our sensors and monitoring platform through smart integrations.

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