Agriculture and Horticulture

Freshwater accessibility starts with optimal use

Since agriculture and horticulture count for 70% of the use of freshwater, water management is key. Sensoterra sensors are used for irrigation optimization whether automated or manual, for monitoring water infiltration in soil moisture profiles and dynamic plant interactions, and for monitoring the soil condition in general.

Under-irrigation (draught) is a well-known issue. One of the biggest drought-related issues is if the soil becomes hydrophobic – it becomes so dry, that it cannot absorb and retain water anymore. A lesser-known but equally relevant for freshwater use is over-irrigation. Besides wasting resources, over-irrigation leads to nutrients and pesticides losses out, depleting the soil and eventually threatening freshwater supplies from chemical pollution.

"Water is a finite resource that is essential in the advancement of agriculture, and is vital to human life."

Jim Costa 

Sensoterra is an affordable, wireless IoT based and remote system that offers farmers real-time insight into the soil moisture condition of their crops.

How it has been applied in Agriculture & Horticulture.

Pivot irrigation

Pivot irrigation

Optimized inputs for maximum yield

How a grower reduced water consumption & irrigation rounds with soil moisture data



From farm to tap

How a Saskatchewan hop grower used smart data to increase yield, and ensure crop quality in the face of drought

Greenhouse tomatoes

Greenhouse tomatoes

Organic farms use smart data for optimum yield

A greenhouse organic tomato and cucumber grower saved his crop during extreme drought with Sensoterra sensors, and improved yield with soil moisture data


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