Precision irrigation for wine production

Optimized irrigation management for improved grape quality and production

Precision irrigation is an increasingly important management process for high-value crop growers, across the globe. With increased demand for both crop quality and yield, along with the increasing market volatility of chemical input availability, growers are looking to optimized solutions for irrigation and fertigation processes on their fields.

Verdi Expeditions Inc. developed a modernized solution to irrigation optimization, by developing micro-irrigation management zones to prevent over and under-irrigation across a field.

“Growers are able to gain control of irrigation, and benefit from reduced risk of irrigation induced disease.”

Roman Kozak, Verdi Expeditions Inc.


The need for precision irrigation

Vineyards are often found on sloping hills, of gravelly mineral rich soils. These soils offer unique profiles of the terroir, but often are lacking in soil moisture retention ability and drain

to lower ground. Growers frequently irrigate to maintain plant growth and quality, but without key data insights, this can be a challenge to perfect.

“We often see that the vines are growing over-vigorously, with the fruit being very large, and the sugar content too high,”


By limiting water availability to areas which are over-irrigated, there is a reduction of water waste, and an improvement of fruit quality.

By breaking up irrigation from one centralized system to smaller management zones, growers can monitor and optimize activities on a much more precise level.

“One of our customers reduced irrigation by 80%. This improved grape quality, resulting in a marketable price increase three-fold of that of the previous season.”


About Verdi Expeditions Inc. 

Founded in March 2020, Verdi is modernizing farm control systems to customize water and nutrient delivery for every plant. Learn more at 

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