Water Governance

Water Governance 

Fresh water is one of the most precious resources on our planet. Water reserves are threatened with exhaustion by over-usage of water and with pollution by pesticides or industrial/chemical waste.

Sensoterra sensors help to create solutions which provide insights in water systems, to help preventing draught and to help managing and holding water from excessive rainfall.

“We never know the worth of water, till the well is dry.”

Thomas Fuller


Water is the most important resource on our planet, and it is not divided equally. This requires data driven management, to inform decisions and policies. But to manage something, it first has to be measured. Sensoterra sensors are used by water boards, municipalities and other (semi) governmental organizations to understand the effect of their policies and interventions: healthy soil which contains enough soil moisture for plants to grow!

How it has been applied in Water governance.

Smart Technology for Green Infrastructure

Smart Technology for Green Infrastructure

Soil moisture management for flood resilience and green infrastructure

Managing flood risk management with smart data for storm water management

Middle East Smart Irrigation

Middle East Smart Irrigation

Water management for smart farming and smart cities in the Middle East 

Scalable data & real-time insights with fully integrated smart IoT systems 

Maintain quality,
reduce costs


With the Sensoterra app Open API, soil data can be integrated into existing irrigation systems for a fully automated system. 

Capable automated irrigation

Prevent tree & plant losses

Maintain healthy landscapes

Reduce freshwater waste

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