Smart Technology for Green Infrastructure

Soil moisture management for flood resilience and urban green

One of the biggest challenges facing cities and urban centers is risk management towards flooding and storm water management. To counter this, cities have invested billions of dollars in green infrastructure systems and subsurface storm water systems, camouflaged by urban green, to prevent damages from heavy rainfall or flooding.

Like many other public service systems, Green Infrastructure facilities often require some form of maintenance. Marcus Quigley, CEO and Founder of Ecolucid, deals primarily in supporting green infrastructure maintenance and operational decisions.

“Imagine spending several billion dollars of public investment for Green Infrastructure systems, and half of which are not functioning properly,” explains Quigley. “It’s like driving down a highway and half of the lanes are closes, all the time. "

Marcus Quigley, Ecolucid

The Solution

Ecolucid offers consultancy by monitoring green infrastructure facilities, and alerting municipalities when green infrastructure facilities are at risk of malfunctioning or require maintenance checks. By utilizing Sensoterra’s proprietary algorithms for soil moisture data readings, Ecolucid further analyses this data with weather data, rainfall, and other inputs to offer real-time insights into what’s happening at Green Infrastructure facilities around a city.“We build the dashboards and directly adjusts Sensoterra data to plot what’s happening in real-time to give the customers what they need.” 

Positive impact on society, environment, and local communities

By combining rainfall and soil moisture data, Ecolucid is offering predictive modelling based on data correlation. Working with the Sensoterra open API and webhooks, Ecolucid nimbly builds custom services around soil moisture data.

"For example, if we know it has rained recently, and we see a healthy drainage pattern and soil moisture decrease over time, we can conclude that this Green Infrastructure facility is working properly." Similarly, if soil moisture levels are not decreasing, that acts as an indicator that drainage functionally is worsening, and that action needs to be taken.

“Sensoterra solves what I think is the biggest challenge in IoT - sensor integration - particularly into complex urban environments, ”

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Want to learn more? Download the read the complete case study on Smart Technology for Green Infrastructure with smart soil moisture data integration. 

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