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Sensoterra Soil Moisture Sensors are available to measure at single or multiple depths.

They are all wireless and use the LoRaWAN network to get your data out of your fields and into your hands.

They are manufactured at scale and available globally for you to order today. 

Our measurement

Sensoterra soil moisture measurements happen in two parts. Firstly an in-the-ground measurement and secondly an in-the-cloud calibration. Your sensors will take a soil moisture reading every hour and send the data over the LoRaWAN network to the cloud. We calibrate the measurement in the cloud to match the selected soil type to provide you with more actionable data. 

You can access your data in the cloud via an intuitive web-based interface or on your smartphone using the Sensoterra app. We have an API for integrating the data into your own data dashboard or system. 

The sensors you need depends on the active root zone of the crop you want to measure. We recommend 5-10 sensors per location to ensure you have enough data points to make a remote decision. 

Our single depth sensors are available in 15cm, 30cm, 60cm and 90cm (6", 12", 24", and 36") lengths.

Our multi-depth sensors measure soil moisture and temperature, measuring at six different depths at the same time: 10cm, 20cm, 30cm, 45cm, 60cm and 90cm (4", 8", 12", 18", 24", and 36"). 

Sensoterra Product Range

We hold stock of AU, EU and NA sensors in our European and USA warehouses and can ship within 1 week of payment receipt. Our AS sensors are available via our reseller partner. 

Want to know more just contact us or download the sensor technical data sheets  Single Depth TDS (pdf) or Multi Depth TDS (PDF)

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