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Redefining water management

Manage water better with Sensoterra precision soil moisture data. No need to be a soil expert – just plug our know-how and functionality into your system, for a better solution.

Our philosophy is to provide precision soil moisture data, calibrated for each soil type, for optimum water management decisions. We’ve done the hard work of defining the plant available water based on our extensive lab research, to show when to start- and when to stop- irrigation. Saving water, fuel, and labor costs.

Our no-dev approach to data integration, means quick roll-out and a return of value to your customer base. Sensors are completely wireless, easy to (re)install, and hourly data is available within minutes.

Easy installation, 100% maintenance free

The benefits are clear. No wires, means easy installation. Sensors can be hammered or pressed into the soil, or even buried under turf! They’re built for the field and have a 5-10 year battery life, and are completely maintenance-free. Calibrated data is sent hourly via the LoRaWAN network to your data dashboard via the API, and integrated with smart valves for complete (automated) irrigation control.

5-10 years of battery life

No wires, no fuss

Highly secure data connection

Suitable for all soil types

Seamless platform integration

The only API-first soil moisture solution on the market


The API-first approach promises universal compatibility. OPEN API integrates soil moisture data within ANY water management platform, for optimized irrigation systems for full oversight over water management. Anytime, from anywhere.

Manage sensors effortlessly and establish specific moisture thresholds for different soil types and applications. By using real-time soil data, enhance your environmental and management dashboards with:

  • 24/7 access on mobile or PC
  • Average sensor values per location
  • API first: Easy integration with ANY platform
  • A quick way to save time & resources
sensoterra technology

How it has been applied in Water Management Platforms

Smart Resilient Cities

Ensure the health of urban green spaces, reduce water, transparency and reduction of costs

Environmental Monitoring

Ensure the balance of supply and demand of freshwater for all stakeholders

Precision Agriculture

Optimize overhead and drip irrigation, manage inputs, reduce fuel, improve yield

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Contact us to get started as a Sensoterra API parter – and bring smart soil moisture data to your platform today!

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