Monitoring for nature-based solutions

As cities face challenges like climate adaptation, urbanization, and reducing air pollution, the appreciation and expansion of nature-based solutions are on the rise. Green spaces play a vital role in maintaining liveable cities and building resilience against rising temperatures, droughts, and intense rainfall. However, to stay healthy and maintain their cooling effect, nature-based solutions require sufficient water.

In built-up areas like city centers, roads, roofs, walls, and planters, it’s not natural for plants and trees to thrive. To ensure their well-being, the right conditions must be created and closely monitored.

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Actionable insights for Water Management

Wireless soil moisture sensors play a critical role in providing insights for plants and tree health, by understanding the necessary soil moisture values for optimum health. Through optimized irrigation, water usage is minimized, leading to reduced CO2 emissions. Additionally, remote monitoring of soil health saves time and manpower required for site visits.

Furthermore, preventing soils from becoming too dry increases flood resilience by avoiding erosion and runoff from dried, compacted soil. Dry soil cannot effectively absorb or retain water during intense rainfall, making it crucial to maintain proper soil moisture levels.

Example Applications

Cities and landscapers worldwide benefit from using Sensoterra soil sensors to monitor trees, planters, green roofs, walls, and sports fields, contributing to efficient water conservation and the health of urban greenspaces.

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How it has been applied in Smart Resilient Cities.

Tree pits and greenways

Reduce tree mortality rates, optimize irrigation scheduling, and reduce labor costs

Green Roofs, green walls, planters

Ensure plant health and water functionality of shallow-growing mediums

Golf course & sports fields

100% maintenance-free soil moisture data for optimal irrigation for grass

Public parks & Green spaces

Set smart automated irrigation for public green spaces based on plant-available water

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