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Irrigation sensor

Precision, Simplicity and Durability – for irrigation control

5-10 years of battery life

No wires, no fuss

Highly secure data connection

Suitable for all soil types

Transform your watering strategy

In the pursuit of sustainable growth, humanity relentlessly seeks tools to support lush and healthy landscapes without compromising the conservation of water and energy. Enter our leading-edge irrigation sensor, a pivotal innovation that ensures informed and efficient water management. These sensors provide you with the insights needed to refine your irrigation strategies, ensuring optimal hydration for your agricultural and landscaping needs, without having to be an expert on the subject.

Boosting plant vitality

Ensure your greenery flourishes by providing precise hydration levels required for peak growth. Optimal irrigation thanks to irrigation sensors leads to thriving, robust plant life in farms and urban green areas alike.

Water usage optimization

Adapt your irrigation plans to reflect true moisture needs, eliminating the risks of under- and overwatering. Our irrigation sensors demystify efficient water use, making it accessible to all, regardless of soil science experience.

Elevating environmental stewardship

Adopting our irrigation sensors aligns with a pro-active approach to environmental sustainability. This smart irrigation technology is key in the preservation of our planet’s water resources.

The importance of accurate irrigation monitoring

Responsible water use is of the utmost importance. Over-irrigation can not only hinder plant health and increase disease vulnerability, but also depletes vital resources. Conversely, insufficient watering poses risks to plant vitality and diminishes the value of green spaces, which impacts the community well-being and biodiversity.

Benefits for you

5-10 years of battery life

No wires, no fuss

Highly secure data connection

Irrigation sensor

Benefits & Features

Sensoterra’s irrigation sensors directly address the challenges of water management, offering insights for optimal watering intervals. This is all offered in a way understandable without extensive soil knowledge. Our sensors come with the least amount of effort, as they are easy to install, maintenance-free, and integrate smoothly with your management system, thus enabling smarter and data-driven irrigation decisions.

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Seamless system integration

The only API-first soil moisture solution on the market


As the premier API-centric irrigation sensor on the market, our solution is designed for universal compatibility. It effortlessly meshes with diverse irrigation frameworks and provides remote access to data through an intuitive interface. This ensures that you maintain control over your irrigation practices anytime, from anywhere.

Embrace the ease of managing your irrigation needs through our application. Set specific moisture thresholds, especially tailored to various soil conditions. By incorporating real-time irrigation data into your existing environmental management dashboards, you gain:

  • 24/7 access on mobile or PC
  • Average sensor values per location
  • API first: Easy integration with ANY platform
  • A quick way to save time & resources
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