Sensoterra for nature restoration

Understand the soil’s hydro processes to lower restoration irrigation costs and improve plant conditions

Companies related to nature restoration or conservation have currently no insight in the condition and growth of the restored plantings. Knowledge of the hydro processes in the soil gives insight in the growth of the plants or trees. If there is too much water in the soil important nutritions may wash away, whereas too little water causes losses to production and quality.

Soil moisture sensors are the ideal solutions to have insight in the soil condition, however current sensors are expensive and wired, which makes installation difficult and unattractive to purchase. Human inspections are labor intensive and irrigation comes often too late or is unnecessary.

Sensoterra is the low-cost, wireless and remote solution for real-time insight into soil moisture condition and plant condition.

The revolutionary Sensoterra soil-moisture system is self-sustaining, wireless and remote.

Real-time soil monitoring

Maintaining ideal soil moisture conditions lowers the risk of failed crops and increases crop productivity.

Low cost

Probes retail at USD 110.

Higher crop yield

Maintaining ideal soil moisture conditions lowers the risk of failed crops and increases crop productivity.

Increased crop quality

Monitoring soil moisture at various root depths is the ideal way to optimise soil conditions specific to each crop.

Lower irrigation costs

Accurate and constant insight into soil moisture levels eliminates unnecessary irrigation.

Fully wireless and remote

The wireless sensors can be placed up to 1.5 km from the gateway system, allowing full field monitoring from iPad, smartphone or desktop.

The Sensoterra system consists of probes, a gateway and the stand-alone cloud-system “SoilWare”. The probes are low cost, plug-and-play and are complete wireless with a lifetime of over 20 years. The probes work with every soil type and are available at different lengths (15, 30, 60 and 90 centimeters), allowing measurement at different soil depths directly at the root of the plant or tree.

The soil moisture data is sent to the cloud through a solar-powered gateway which enables to measure the soil moisture at complete remote locations such as deserts. This makes it possible to monitor the quality and hydro processes over time. The gateway may be extended with an camera which allows also visuals monitoring of the restoration plant. Fully automated notifications are sent to PC, smartphone or tablet if the condition of the plant or tree is below a certain threshold which removes the necessity of expensive labor inspections and allows to take action on time.

Sensoterra; insight into soil conditions to lower irrigation costs and improve plant conditions