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Soil Moisture Sensor for Agriculture

Accuracy, Ease and Resilience in Agricultural Soil Management

5-10 years of battery life

No wires, no fuss

Highly secure data connection

Suitable for all soil types

Boosting farming efficiency

As the global community strives and strides towards sustainable agriculture, the demand for innovative technologies to cultivate thriving farms, while minimizing environmental footprints has never before been higher. Our advanced soil sensor for agriculture represents a significant leap towards these ambitions. By supplying precise and real-time data on soil conditions, our sensors enable farmers to make strategic decisions that bolster irrigation efficiency and crop vitality.

Fostering healthier crops

Guarantee your crops receive the precise amount of hydration they need for optimal growth. By making use of meticulous water management, our soil sensors play a pivotal role in cultivating flourishing agricultural lands. Even more so, our soil sensor for agriculture can also be used to cultivate green urban spaces.

Streamline water conservation

Customize your irrigation practices based on definitive soil condition data, and ensure that every drop of water is utilized in the best way possible. With our soil sensors specifically designed for agriculture, achieving water conservation goals becomes straightforward, sparing you the complexity of becoming a soil expert.

Championing eco-friendly farming

By integration our soil sensor technology into your agricultural practices, you contribute significantly to sustainability efforts. Embrace our cutting edge soil sensors for agriculture to enhance water preservation and support a healthier ecosystem.

The imperative of soil moisture regulation

Efficient water usage is critical in agriculture. Excess irrigation can lead to water waste, poor crop health, and an increased risk of plant diseases. Insufficient irrigation, on the other hand, compromises crop well-being and diminishes both the aesthetic and ecological contribution of green spaces, impacting community life as well as biodiversity.

Benefits for you

5-10 years of battery life

No wires, no fuss

Highly secure data connection

Soil sensor for agriculture

Benefits & Features

Sensoterra’s soil sensors are meticulously designed to confront agricultural water management challenges head-on. They deliver straightforward, actionable insights on when to initiate or halt watering, removing the need for in-depth soil knowledge altogether. Our sensors are powered wirelessly, are simple to install, and maintenance-free, integrating seamlessly into your existing agricultural management systems for optimal water usage insights.

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Effortless integration with agricultural systems

The only API-first soil moisture solution on the market


As the premier solution with an API-first approach, our soil sensor for agriculture is built for compatibility. It seamlessly integrates with a range of irrigation systems, offering farmers remote data access via an intuitive interface and thus ensuring complete irrigation oversight, no matter the location.

Use our app for simplified sensor management and establish the precise moisture thresholds tailored to your crop and soil needs. Amplify your farm’s efficiency and effectiveness by incorporating real-time soil data into your already existing environmental and agricultural management dashboards, featuring:

  • 24/7 access on mobile or PC
  • Average sensor values per location
  • API first: Easy integration with ANY platform
  • A quick way to save time & resources
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