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Soil Moisture Sensor for Smart Cities

Empower your city with cutting-edge technology

5-10 years of battery life

No wires, no fuss

Highly secure data connection

Suitable for all soil types

Redifining urban water management

As urban areas continue to expand, the necessity for sustainable and green city planning and management has catapulted to the forefront of modern challenges. Sensoterra’s soil sensors, specifically tailored to enable smart cities, mark a wonderful step towards sustainable urban development. These sensors offer real-time insight into soil conditions, enabling city planners and landscapers to precisely manage irrigation. This reduces water waste and promotes healthy green spaces within the urban fabric.

Cultivate healthier urban greenery

Ensure urban plants and trees receive the hydration they need for optimal growth. Sensoterra’s soil sensors facilitate detailed water management, contributing to the vibrancy and resilience of city parks, gardens, and green rooftops. Adjust your hydration protocols based on accurate soil data.

Maximize water efficiency

Adjust your city’s watering protocols based on accurate soil data, conserving water without guesswork. Sensoterra’s technology simplifies water conservation, empowering even those without a background in soil science to achieve significant savings and sustainability goals. We can make it that simple.

Advancing eco-conscious smart cities

Incorporating our soil sensor technology into your city’s environmental strategy significantly aids sustainability efforts. By adopting our advanced soil sensors, you take an active step towards water preservation and a balanced urban ecosystem.

The critical role of urban soil monitoring

Proper water management is crucial for the sustainability of urban green spaces. Over-irrigation not only squanders this precious resource, but can also destroy plant health and escalate disease vulnerability. However, insufficient irrigation threatens the vitality  of urban greenery, which also negatively affects the community’s biodiversity and well-being.

Your urban benefits

5-10 years of battery life

No wires, no fuss

Highly secure data connection

Innovation for smart cities

Benefits & Features

Sensoterra’s soil sensors are designed to tackle specific water management challenges in urban environments. Offering clear and actionable insights, our sensors eliminate the need for extensive soil knowledge, making it easier for city managers to optimize water use. These wireless, easy-to-install, maintenance-free devices seamlessly integrate with your city’s management systems, enhancing efficiency and conservation.

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Seamless urban integration

The only API-first soil moisture solution on the market


As the leading API-first soil sensor solution, tailored to facilitate smart cities, our technology promises universal compatibility. It effortlessly and effectively integrates with urban irrigation systems, providing remote, intuitive access to crucial data, ensuring city planners and environmental managers have full oversight over water management. Anytime, from anywhere.

Get used to our app to manage sensors effortlessly and establish specific moisture thresholds for different urban green spaces. By using real-time soil data, enhance your city’s environmental and management dashboards with:

  • 24/7 access on mobile or PC
  • Average sensor values per location
  • API first: Easy integration with ANY platform
  • A quick way to save time & resources
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Transform your city into a model of sustainability and efficiency with Sensoterra’s smart cities solutions.

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