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Retrieving Data from a Private LoRaWAN Network with Sensoterra Solutions

If you have a private LoRaWAN network and need to access data from Sensoterra sensors, we offer two efficient methods for retrieval. With Sensoterra’s advanced technology, you can seamlessly integrate soil moisture data into your management system.

1. Creating a Custom Endpoint in Sensoterra Backend

For closed/private LoRaWAN networks, we provide custom HTTP endpoints in our backend. By routing the Sensoterra payloads through this endpoint, the data can be decoded and processed in our system. To have a custom HTTP endpoint created, simply contact your Sensoterra salesperson or support team at [email protected]. Please note that an additional service fee may apply.

Once the endpoint is set up and sensors are provisioned via OTAA, the data flows automatically into our backend. You can access the data in near real-time using the Sensoterra iOS and Android apps, the web monitor, or our Open API. Detailed instructions on soil moisture data integration can be found in our Moisture Data Integration Guide.

2. Using the Portal API for Payload Decoding

In case you prefer not to route sensor readings through our backend, we offer an alternative solution with our Portal API. This API, described in our Network Integration Guide, allows you to operate Sensoterra probes on your LoRaWAN network or private gateways.

Sensoterra’s value-added service includes calibrating data for different soil types. After provisioning the sensors via OTAA, you can process the payloads using our Application Server and the “Portal API.”

To use the Portal API, follow these steps:

1. We ship the probes to you.
2. We securely provide the necessary keys to access the API.
3. You register the probe via the Sensoterra App or the Customer API.
4. You provision the probe to your LoRa provider.
5. You use the decoder API call to interpret the LoRaWAN payload.

Keep in mind that while using the decoder call, we still collect all probe measurements. You can configure the soil type either using the app/Customer API or in the Portal API call.

For this method, you’ll need an OAuth token, which can be generated using the Sensoterra app’s login credentials. If you choose to provision to a private network server, please be aware that our support may be limited, as private servers are beyond our control.

For comprehensive instructions on deploying probes and processing payloads, refer to our Custom LoRaWAN Integration Guide.

Make the most of your private LoRaWAN network by retrieving soil moisture data with Sensoterra’s innovative solutions. Contact us today for personalized support and seamless integration.