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Seamless Connectivity with Local LoRaWAN Networks: Out-of-the-Box Solution for Your Sensors

Because we have accounts already set up with most major networks in countries like The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark etc, we are able to provide out-of-the-box connectivity for our sensors.

Using a public LoRaWAN network has many advantages. We take care of the provisioning, so you don’t need to manage your own infrastructure and it gives you great flexibility in locating and relocating the sensors (which we’ve made easy because they can be installed without tools).

For good connectivity at ground level, Deep Indoor signal coverage is needed. Sometimes coverage does not reach the most remote or agricultural areas which means it is always important to check our partners coverage and service capabilities.

KPN actively contributes to the IoT adoption in the Netherlands, it has nationwide Deep Indoor LoRaWAN coverage. Each operator has coverage maps available to check signal strength in your specific region.

LoRaWAN providers such as KPN, NNNCo, Swisscom, Orange, CIBICOM, and Proximus  offer out-of-the-box connectivity.

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