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Enhancing Flood Resilience and Urban Green with Soil Moisture Management

Cities and urban centers face a major challenge in managing flood risk and stormwater effectively. To combat this issue, billions of dollars have been invested in green infrastructure systems and subsurface stormwater systems, strategically hidden by urban green spaces, to mitigate damage from heavy rainfall and flooding.

Maintaining green infrastructure facilities is crucial, just like any other public service system. Marcus Quigley, CEO, and Founder of Ecolucid specializes in supporting green infrastructure maintenance and operational decisions.

“Imagine spending several billion dollars of public investment for Green Infrastructure systems, and half of which are not functioning properly,” explains Quigley. “It’s like driving down a highway and half of the lanes are closes, all the time. “

Marcus Quigley, Ecolucid

The Solution

Ecolucid provides consultancy services by continuously monitoring green infrastructure facilities and promptly alerting municipalities about potential malfunctions or maintenance requirements. Leveraging Sensoterra’s proprietary algorithms for soil moisture data readings, Ecolucid performs further analysis, incorporating weather data, rainfall, and other inputs to deliver real-time insights on the state of Green Infrastructure facilities throughout the city. Quigley explains, “We create dashboards and directly integrate Sensoterra data to provide customers with real-time information they need.”

Positive impact on society, environment, and local communities

Ecolucid employs predictive modeling based on the correlation of rainfall and soil moisture data. Using the Sensoterra open API and webhooks, they adeptly build custom services around soil moisture data. Quigley offers an example, saying, “If we observe recent rainfall, along with a healthy drainage pattern and a decrease in soil moisture over time, we can conclude that the Green Infrastructure facility is functioning properly.” Conversely, if soil moisture levels do not decrease, it indicates worsening drainage functionality, prompting the need for action.

“Sensoterra solves what I think is the biggest challenge in IoT – sensor integration – particularly into complex urban environments. ” 

Learn more

Want to learn more? Download the read the complete case study on Smart Technology for Green Infrastructure with smart soil moisture data integration.

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