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Monitoring for tree pits

In built-up areas like city centers, roads, roofs, walls, and planters, it’s not natural for plants and trees to thrive. Trees are critical for their beneficial effects on microclimates, and ecosystem services. To ensure their well-being, the right conditions must be created and closely monitored.

That’s why our sensors have been applied in urban tree management. Measure moisture levels within the root ball, and at different levels around the pit grate, for both a vertical and horizontal profile indication of soil moisture, and water availability. This helps determine the functionality of the tree pit, water saturation rate, and provide optimal irrigation insights.

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100% maintenance free

Hide in plain sight

Highly secure data connection

Suitable for all landscaping soils

API First Approach for Platform Integration

Sensoterra’s soil moisture data is calibrated for diverse tree pit soil types, streamlining irrigation decisions without requiring soil expertise. Easily integrate this data into your irrigation management platform with our Open API, enabling swift implementation and quick ROI.

With Sensoterra soil moisture data, data integrators can provide guidance on watering and maintenance. Implement monitoring systems using wireless soil moisture and IoT sensors in tree pits and other landscape solutions. Visualize data in a simple dashboard, evolving into a comprehensive monitoring and workflow support system.

Case Study: ConnectedGreen

“Working with Sensoterra revolutionized our solution offering for municipalities. The sensors are easy to install, and the data integrates seamlessly into the ConnectedGreen platform which guides water management decisions for landscapers and contractors”

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Optimized irrigation rounds for watering trucks for municipal tree pits

  • Reduced man-hours
  • Reduced tree mortality (insurance rate reduction)
  • Water and cost savings

How it has been applied in Smart Resilient Cities.

Public parks & Green spaces

Set smart automated irrigation for public green spaces based on plant-available water

Golf Courses & Sports Fields

100% maintenance-free soil moisture data for optimal irrigation of grass and turf fields

Nature Based Solutions

Reducing the systemic stresses from climate impacts for urban green decision-makers

Green Infrastructure

Ensure plant health, managing stormwater runoff and green infrastructure for water functionality

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