Pivot irrigation

Helping to optimize irrigation for maximum crop yield

  • A typical field pivot irrigation system, with one pivot covering 120 acres
  • Currently, grower faced difficulties in determining the best harvest time
  • Pilot consisted of 36 Sensoterra probes, placed across 8 locations

By connecting soil moisture data to the irrigation rounds, growers are capable of irrigating when and where the crop needs it most
Bas van der Velden

24/7 data from anywhere

With the free Sensoterra app, the grower had access to 24/7 data measurements. When installing the probes, the GPS location was noted in the app, allowing for quick removal prior to harvest. 

By monitoring soil moisture levels in the ground, and integrating soil data with irrigation and weather data, the grower had a clear view of crop behavior and was able to determine the optimal harvest moment. 

Optimize your irrigation schedule, for increased yield.

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    Identify the best moment to irrigate


    24/7 data insights

    Rugged design for the field

    Quick & simple installation

    Flexible: move around fields

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