Smart cities

Conserve water while maintaining healthy urban greenspaces

Drought and increasing water scarcity are quickly felt in metropolitan areas. Efforts have been taken to improve water conservation. 

Over-irrigation and waste still occur without precision irrigation techniques.

Data collected with Sensoterra soil moisture sensors are integrated into the current irrigation management system, resulting in

  • A reduction of tree/plant illness or mortality, and replacement costs
  • Reduction of water consumption for irrigation of between 10-30%
  • Reduction of manual irrigation labor costs
  • Fewer water truck irrigation rounds

Positive impact on society, environment, and local communities

  • City or landscapers install sensors in irrigated parks, medians, and public sports fields
  • The initial investment ROI is attained within 10 months of installation
  • Healthy urban green-spaces and a significant reduction in wasted water

By integrating the Sensoterra soil moisture readings with other smart devices, such as smart-irrigation valves and weather station data, irrigation of public spaces can be done only when needed. This increased effectivity, reduces over-irrigation and while providing insights into water consumption and conservation.  

Fully automated irrigation management


With the Sensoterra app Open API, soil data can be integrated into existing irrigation systems for a fully automated system. 

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