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InfoAg Dublin 2019

EventsInfoAg Dublin 2019

This year Sensoterra is attending InfoAg international conference in Dublin, Ireland.

Boerderij - Advice systems for three new providers

EventsBoerderij - Advice systems for three new providers

Sensoterra solution was published in a Dutch national renowned agricultural publication, Boerderij. 

InfoAg USA 2019

EventsInfoAg USA 2019

This year Sensoterra will be at the InfoAg conference in St. Louis MO

World Ag Expo 2019

EventsWorld Ag Expo 2019

World Ag Expo is one of the biggest conferences in agriculture in the world, offering the best knowledge exchange between customers, sellers, and resellers. This year, the conference was located in California, USA, and Sensoterra was there as one of the exhibitors.

TTN Conference 2019

EventsTTN Conference 2019

Sensoterra attended The Things Network Conference (TTN), in Amsterdam, a leading IoT technology event for connectivity, hardware, and data providers. Key discussions revolved around how to mitigate risks throughout LoRaWAN development - specifically, relating to the long development cycles in IoT, common mistakes, and smarter ways to minimize time, resources and money within this budding technology.


Precision Ag Vision Conference 2019

EventsPrecision Ag Vision Conference 2019

Sensoterra was at the Precision Ag Vision Conference (PAVC VISION Conference), Seattle (USA) to learn about the future of agriculture and smart technology.

MachineQ Brings 'Smart City' Events to Philadelphia

EventsMachineQ Brings 'Smart City' Events to Philadelphia

From June 9-14, Comcast’s machineQ will host a series of events designed to showcase "Smart City" applications from Philadelphia and around the world using LoRa sensor and network technology to support the Internet of Things (IoT). The events are designed to inform Philadelphia-area software developers, startups, universities, and municipalities about the benefits of IoT technology and encourage adoption of techniques that can help to make the city and surrounding areas more effective when delivering vital public services.