Flower Bulbs


Bulb crop saved from drought with smart data

How one crop consultant, helps growers turn gut-feelings into data-driven decisions. 

Geert Steenhuis of GMN, a crop advisor specializing in flower bulbs, services over 30 growers across the Netherlands. GMN is working with Sensoterra to provide growers with the best insights into their crops irrigation needs.

The challenge of growing tulips in the Netherlands is the ability to find suitable soil to grow them. This results in growers planting flower bulbs across multiple fields.

Consequently, this prevents the ability to monitor fields frequently and results in a risk of oversight and mismanagement. Sensoterra sensors help by offering wireless soil moisture data, that growers can easily manage precision irrigation decisions across multiple fields.

“The sensors help growers turn a gut-feeling into a data-driven decision to irrigate”

Geert Steenhuis, GMN


Key points

  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Crop: Tulips and other flower bulbs
  • Business: Crop Consultancy


  • Tulips require particular soil types for optimum growth
  • Bulb growers in the Netherlands typically use a 'haspel' or rolling-sprinkler for irrigation
  • The 2018 summer was the warmest in the Netherlands in over 300 years

In order to maintain viability, growers utilized Sensoterra smart soil moisture data to help them make smart irrigation decisions - maintaining flower quality and yield in drought conditions. 

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Flower Bulbs Case Study

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