Greenhouse Flowers

Beautiful flowers, with less water

How greenhouse growers are using less inputs, less water and growing better flowers

Tom van den Berg, of Van den Berg Est BV grows a variety of flowers from hortensias, petunias, sunflowers, lavender, and poinsettias, growing more than 1.3 million plants a year, across their 20 hectares comprised of both field and greenhouses.

One of the main reasons for acquiring Sensoterra sensors was to counter problems of over-irrigation, and inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides leaching into groundwater. Tom installed Sensoterra sensors in 2017, to monitor soil moisture levels, and prevent chemicals leaching into groundwaters.

This resulted in a considerable increase in flower quality and improved plant health, such as resistance to pests and weeds invasion. Not only that, but yield increased, and the farm reached a 10% reduction of water usage and decreases in fertilizer inputs, becoming compliant to Dutch regulation.

“Sensoterra probes helped me reduce water usage of at least 10%.”

Tom van den Berg, Van den Berg Est BV


Key points

  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Crop: Cut flowers, hortensias, lavender, poinsettias, sunflowers
  • Farm type: Greenhouses, open fields


  • 10% decrease in irrigation requirements
  • Compliance with Dutch ground-water legislation
  • Sprinkler irrigation in the field & flooding and drip systems in the greenhouses

After placing the sensors, Tom was able to effectively reduce irrigation and chemical leaching in the fields and greenhouses, by only irrigating the plant root-zone depth.

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