Smart Resilient Cities

Conserve water while maintaining healthy urban greenspaces

Factors like climate adaptation, urbanization, reduction of air pollution are all contributing to an increased appreciation of – and pressure on – urban green spaces. Green spaces are necessary for cities to stay livable and be resilient against higher temperatures, more drought, and more intense rainfall.

Built-up areas (roofs, walls, planters, city centers) are not the natural habitat for plants and trees to grow. That is why the right conditions will have to be created – and monitored. 

“As people flock to urban centers where ground space is limited, cities with green walls and roofs and skyscraper farms offer improved health and well-being, renewable resources, reliable food supply, and relief to the environment."

Diane Ackerman


Wireless soil moisture sensors help to make sure that plants and trees have enough water to grow. By optimizing irrigation, water application is maximized and CO2 emissions are reduced with automated processes. Not to mention, fewer sites visits are required as the soil stays healthy for longer. Build flood resilience and prevent erosion, and runoff from dried compacted soil - soil that is too dry does not absorb or retain water in intense rainfall.

How it has been applied in Smart Resilient Cities.

Smart Technology for Healthy Urban Green

Smart Technology for Healthy Urban Green

Smart irrigation for city landscaping

How integrated data helps municipalities and landscapers saving water, money and reducing CO2 for healthy urban green spaces

Middle East Smart Irrigation

Middle East Smart Irrigation

Water management for smart farming and smart cities in the Middle East 

Scalable data & real-time insights with fully integrated smart IoT systems 

Fully automated irrigation management


With the Sensoterra app Open API, soil data can be integrated into existing irrigation systems for a fully automated system. 

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24/7 Data readings

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