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Sensoterra is headed to the 2023 Irrigation Show in San Antonio. As a leading provider of wireless soil moisture sensors, Sensoterra is at the forefront of innovation, for water resource management. Join us as we explore the potential of wireless smart soil moisture sensors and the pivotal role they play in optimizing irrigation practices.

The Irrigation Show: A Gateway to Agricultural Innovation

The Irrigation Show, an annual gathering of industry leaders and professionals, serves as a dynamic platform for showcasing cutting-edge technologies and advancements in the field of irrigation. This year, Sensoterra’s participation promises to steal the spotlight as they unveil their state-of-the-art wireless soil moisture sensors.

Irrigation Show 2023
San Antonio, Texas 
| Nov. 27-Dec. 1, 2023

Trade Show | Nov. 29-30

Wireless Soil Moisture Sensors: A Paradigm Shift in Irrigation Management

  • Real-Time precision
    Sensoterra’s wireless soil moisture sensors provide growers, landscapers and irrigation professionals with real-time data on soil moisture conditions. This precision empowers users to make informed decisions, ensuring that water is applied precisely where and when it is needed.
  • Water Conservation
    By preventing over-irrigation and optimizing water usage, Sensoterra’s sensors contribute significantly to water conservation efforts. In regions grappling with water scarcity, these devices offer a sustainable solution to minimize water wastage.
  • Automated Efficiency
    Seamlessly integrated with automated irrigation control systems, Sensoterra’s sensors facilitate automated irrigation management. When soil moisture levels hit predefined thresholds, based on the soil type and calibration settings, the system triggers automated irrigation, streamlining the entire process for optimal efficiency.
  • Energy Savings
    The smart features of Sensoterra’s sensors lead to energy savings by eliminating unnecessary irrigation cycles, like pivot rounds. Automated systems adjust irrigation schedules based on real-time data, reducing the energy required for pumping and distribution.
  • Crop Health & Yield Optimization
    Maintaining the perfect balance of soil moisture is vital for crop health. Sensoterra’s sensors contribute to improved yields and overall plant health by preventing water stress and waterlogging, ensuring crops receive the optimal amount of water.

About Sensoterra

Sensoterra develops low-cost, simple, and robust wireless soil moisture sensors, providing actionable insights that enable water management platforms and solutions. Our sensors are built to integrate into any platform with our unique ‘API first’ philosophy – offering freedom and flexibility for data integration.  It is our mission to enable water management platforms and solutions worldwide. We help by ‘Making Sense of Water’. We produce simple, robust, and low-cost wireless soil moisture sensors that are easy to deploy and built to integrate. With proven success in the applications of smart city landscaping, environmental monitoring, and precision agriculture, the Sensoterra solution integrates seamlessly in existing water and land management platforms.

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