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Sensoterra was selected as one of the top 100 businesses for the KVK Innovatie Top 100 van 2023 event.

The KVK Innovatie Top 100, organized annually by the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) in the Netherlands. This prestigious recognition of pioneering companies that demonstrate outstanding innovative prowess.

Sensoterra’s innovative approach to revolutionizing precision water management solutions with cutting-edge soil moisture sensor technology enabling land and water managers around the globe.

Innovating to Make a Difference

The wireless soil moisture sensors have redefined soil management and irrigation practices, helping land and water managers to optimize water resource usage. The KVK Innovatie Top 100 event has recognized Sensoterra’s invaluable contribution in enabling water-efficient agriculture, landscaping, and water governance.

Sensoterra’s sensors empower farmers with real-time soil moisture data, facilitating precise irrigation and promoting sustainability. Efficient water management is more important than ever, while water scarcity is increasing, and conservation sustainable water management, critical.

The Next Generation of Soil Moisture Sensors

The most recent development is the launch of their next-generation Single Depth wireless soil moisture sensors. These sensors boast improved signal strength and calibration accuracy, ensuring that land managers have access to the most advanced technology for soil moisture management.

About Sensoterra

Sensoterra is a pioneering leader in the field of wireless soil moisture sensors, offering cutting-edge IoT soil moisture sensor solutions for smart agriculture. Our state-of-the-art Sensoterra soil moisture sensors are at the forefront of agriculture IoT, providing unparalleled soil moisture monitoring capabilities.

Our commitment to precision agriculture technology allows farmers to make informed decisions, optimize their irrigation systems, and embrace sustainable farming solutions. With Sensoterra, access to real-time soil moisture data is at your fingertips, enabling precise water management and water resource management for your agricultural operations.

Sensoterra, established in 2015, with its headquarters in Houten, The Netherlands, develops water management solutions for agriculture/horticulture, smart city management, and water governance. Sensoterra has over 12,000 sensors in the ground globally, and generates hundreds of thousands of data points for smart water management, daily. Learn more at

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