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Showcase Intelligent and Programmable Cellular IoT Gateway MultiConnect® Conduit™ and Long Range LoRaWAN™ RF Modules Working in Conjunction with Solutions from The Things Network/ARM, WaterBit, PNI Sensor Corporation, STMicroelectronics, HereLab, Sensoterra, Actility and ITK. Sponsors Panel Showcasing Cutting Edge Use Cases of IoT Solutions in Agriculture.

Mounds View, MN – June 13, 2017 – MultiTech will showcase extensive cellular & LoRa® portfolio and services at LoRa Alliance’s 8th all-members meeting, open house and marketplace exhibition showcase. Intelligent and programmable cellular IoT gateway MultiConnect® Conduit™ and Long Range LoRaWAN™ RF modules will work in conjunction with solutions from The Things Network/ARM, WaterBit, PNI Sensor Corporation, STMicroelectronics, HereLab, Sensoterra, and ITK. A sponsors panel showcasing cutting-edge use cases of IoT Solutions in agriculture will be included.

ARM and The Things Network

Firmware updates are an essential requirement for devices that use LPWANs for connectivity to hit the market in volume. The demonstration of this firmware update process, highlights an ARM custom board containing a MultiConnect xDot LoRa radio, connected to a target MCU (NXP FRDM-K22F), to run the update client. This set up enables quick prototyping because the LoRaWAN stack and the update client run on separate MCUs. On the network side, an update server was built on top of The Things Network’s distributed and decentralized LoRaWAN network server. The update server orchestrates device selection for update, sets up network security and the multicast groupings, schedules fragments and error correction packets, and verifies hashes and firmware integrity.


Demonstration highlights MultiTech’s MultiConnect® xDot™ featuring a Gemalto Secure Element for ultra-high security LoRa device key protection. MultiConnect xDot will leverage Senet LoRaWAN network through a MultiConnect Conduit gateway located at the booth and Gemalto Trusted Key Manager dynamic provisioning to deliver sensor data securely and only when authorized.

PNI Sensor Corporation

Demonstration highlights PNI Sensor Corporation’s PlacePod™ smart parking sensor, communicating with MultiTech’s MultiConnect® Conduit™ gateway and MultiTech’s MultiConnect® xDot™ long range RF module to provide accurate real-time parking data. PlacePod is the industry’s most accurate magnetic sensing system for vehicle detection with the combination of PNI’s high-performance magnetic sensor and vehicle detection algorithms that accurately detect the presence or absence of a car in a parking space.

MultiTech’s MultiConnect Conduit is the industry’s most configurable, manageable, and scalable IoT communications gateway able to connect wired and wireless assets and sensors.

MultiTech’s MultiConnect xDot is a secure, CE/FCC & LoRa Alliance Certified™, ARM® mbed™ programmable, low-power LoRaWAN RF module, that provides long-range, low bit rate M2M data connectivity to sensors, industrial equipment and remote appliances.

Senet, Inc.

Senet will showcase a live LoRaWAN connectivity demonstration using MultiTech’s MultiConnect Conduits and the MultiConnect® Conduit™ AP Access Point for LoRa® for improved indoor coverage. Data from several end device sensors connected to the Senet network will be visualized through myDevices Cayenne dashboards demonstrating how real-time soil moisture, leak detection, and crop growth data can be used for a variety of agriculture applications.

The MultiConnect Conduit AP Access Point for LoRa Technology
affordably provides deep in-building connectivity and improved service levels for network operators and enterprises connecting thousands of environmental sensors located in commercial facilities such as hotels, convention centers, retail outlets, commercial & residential buildings, by harnessing the power of the LoRaWAN protocol with the option of 4G-LTE or Ethernet IP backhaul.


Demonstration of the STMicroelectronics sensor board connected to a LoRaWAN end point. Showcases the MultiTech MultiConnect Conduit gateway featuring LoRa® technology and its unique ability to connect environmental sensors located in industrial facilities such as production facilities, precision agriculture and industrial kitchens.


WaterBit demonstration highlights IoT in agriculture, featuring MultiTech’s MultiConnect Conduit IoT gateway in combination with LoRa technology, MultiConnect® mDot™ and WaterBit’s sensors. Demonstration showcases how WaterBit can now access valuable data from numerous endpoints throughout its dense field site, without dependence on spotty, unpredictable cellular coverage.

The MultiConnect mDot (MTDOT Series) offers significantly longer range and improved radio performance compared to traditional wireless solutions—resulting in greater transmission range and reduced capital expense.


HereLab has created an island-wide network for Internet-connected sensing to enables new access to valuable public data; life-long learning, and water, land, air and built environment measurement and management. Demonstration highlights MultiConnect mDot, LoRaWAN-certified, low-power wide area network (LPWAN) access RF modules, providing 2-way communication from all sensors in the field. MultiTech DeviceHQ® allows HereLab to easily deploy and scale pre-developed applications onto their MultiConnect Conduit gateway, and connect numerous devices. Through DeviceHQ, HereLab can easily manage and provision gateways via a Web interface.

MultiTech DeviceHQ is a remotely hosted toolset for managing the latest generation of MultiTech devices.


Actility’s demonstration will showcase the emerging LoRaWAN technology of Firmware Update over the Air. An Actility FUOTA server will regularly update several devices connected via a MultiTech MultiConnect Conduit gateway, demonstrating the ability to manage the update of a fleet of devices over LoRaWAN using multicast, reconstructing missing packets and delivering a complete update package of around 110kb to all the devices in around five minutes.


James Brehm, Founder and Chief Technology Evangelist of James Brehm & Associates will lead a panel (June 13, 2:00-4:00 pm ) and Q&A on IoT and agriculture. Discussion will center on market size and project growth as well as use cases from panelists, leading MultiTech users. Panelists include:

Manu Pillai, Founder of Waterbit
Patrick Phillips, Founder and CEO of HereLab
Eric Jallas, President of ITK
Jurriaan Ruys, CEO of Sensoterra

About MultiTech

MultiTech has been expanding the connected world by delivering industry-leading communications technology platforms for over 40 years. Offering an extensive line of fully certified and carrier-approved gateways, routers, modems and embedded components, MultiTech works with thousands of customers worldwide to easily enable cellular, analog, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, LoRa®, GPS/GNSS, and other M2M communication capabilities for their IoT applications. For more information, please visit

About Sensoterra

Our commitment to precision agriculture technology allows farmers to make informed decisions, optimize their irrigation systems, and embrace sustainable farming solutions. With Sensoterra, access to real-time soil moisture data is at your fingertips, enabling precise water management and water resource management for your agricultural operations.

Sensoterra, established in 2015, with its headquarters in Houten, The Netherlands, develops water management solutions for agriculture/horticulture, smart city management, and water governance. Sensoterra has over 12,000 sensors in the ground globally, and generates hundreds of thousands of data points for smart water management, daily. Learn more at

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