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Rain(a)way Harnesses Sensoterra Soil Moisture Sensors for Stormwater Management in Build-Up Areas

In the realm of sustainable water management, Rain(a)way stands at the forefront, offering innovative solutions to tackle urban water challenges. Collaborating with Sensoterra, Rain(a)way leverages clever technology to revolutionize urban water management.

Rain(a)way develops paving designs to address urban water issues. Their solutions include semi-permeable pavements, elegant discharge elements and substrates that allow stormwater infiltration and/or storage with their Park Positive initiative. By incorporating vegetation in their designs, Rain(a)way aims to reduce flooding and improve groundwater recharge from urban environments.

The Role of Sensoterra Soil Moisture Sensors

Sensoterra’s soil moisture sensors complement Rain(a)way’s solutions by providing real-time data on soil moisture content. These sensors enable precise measurement of water retention, storage capacity, and it’s affect on infiltration rates: evidence-based numbers that municipalities confirm their efforts towards projected flood risk mitigation in urban environments.

As solutions like Rainaway’s become more dominant in urban infrastructure, their actual contribution to flood mitigation becomes significant for effective flood prediction and the mitigation strategies collective. The wireless design and long-term durability of Sensoterra sensors can ensure seamless integration into municipality’s monitoring infrastructure.

Research on soil infiltration rates

In a recent test conducted by Rain(a)way, Sensoterra Soil Manager, Luc van Zandbrink, was on-site to oversee the placement of Sensoterra soil moisture sensors. His expertise ensured positioning for measuring the water retention affected infiltration rates of Rain(a)way’s solution. Rain(a)way’s commitment to precision and reliability in their water management endeavors incorporated in the Park Positive solution.

Benefits for Flood Prediction and Mitigation

By harnessing Sensoterra soil moisture sensors, Rain(a)way gains valuable insights into the performance of the Park Positive soilution, allowing them to provide flood mitigation capacity numbers to municipalities and landowners. From optimizing drainage systems to identifying vulnerabilities, Sensoterra’s technology equips Rain(a)way with the tools needed to safeguard neighbourhoods against the impact of stormwater floods.

The partnership between Rain(a)way and Sensoterra exemplifies the power of collaboration in addressing complex environmental challenges. By combining Rain(a)way’s expertise in sustainable water management with Sensoterra’s state-of-the-art technology, both companies pave the way for a more resilient and water-efficient future.

About Sensoterra

Sensoterra develops low-cost, simple, and robust wireless soil moisture sensors, providing actionable insights that enable water management platforms and solutions. Our sensors are built to integrate into any platform with our unique ‘API first’ philosophy – offering freedom and flexibility for data integration.  It is our mission to enable water management platforms and solutions worldwide. We help by ‘Making Sense of Water’. We produce simple, robust, and low-cost wireless soil moisture sensors that are easy to deploy and built to integrate. With proven success in the applications of smart city landscaping, environmental monitoring, and precision agriculture, the Sensoterra solution integrates seamlessly in existing water and land management platforms.

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