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Sensoterra selected by National Research consortium for Citizen Science on urban green, and smart gardens. Placing 5,000 sensors in gardens across the country!

Weather extremes are increasing. Heavy local rainstorms cause major flooding. But there are also increasingly long hot and dry periods. The consequences are well felt in cities: desiccation, heat stress, flooding and damage to biodiversity.

Pientere Tuinen aims to make a positive and concrete contribution to a green and healthy living environment.

By deploying smart technology, we collect data that makes it possible to provide targeted gardening tips and education tailored to a green garden. And research into environmental and behavioral effects increases awareness of greening among residents.

Pientere Tuinen developed a personal “Your Pientere Tuinen” monitor, which gives each participating resident insight into the data, advice and research results.   Participating citizens will benefit from


    • Sensoterra soil moisture sensors connected to the Dutch National KPN LoRaWAN network for hourly soil data
    • Customized education for gardening practices, step-by-step plans, and neighbourhood workshops to ensure healthy urban green spaces
    • Access to a person al environment dashboard “Your Pientere Tuin”
    • Participate in the largest Citizen Science initiative in the Netherlands, with ultimately 5000 participants throughout the country
    • Municipalities will be informed on the results of the National Research program, for motivating urban greening behavioural effects

The Sensoterra sensor beat out the competition to be selected for the National Research consortium based on the unique features of simplicity to use and install, long battery life, and data integration (open API).

The consortium is researching how to enable citizens to ensure a healthy living environment and ways to motivate garden owners to green their garden, to mitigate the effects of climate change from urban sealing, and heat-island occurrence.

Stichting Steenbreek, RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Van Haal Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, Future City Foundation, Provencie Utrecht, WeCity



About Sensoterra

Sensoterra is a pioneering leader in the field of wireless soil moisture sensors, offering cutting-edge IoT soil moisture sensor solutions for smart agriculture. Our state-of-the-art Sensoterra soil moisture sensors are at the forefront of agriculture IoT, providing unparalleled soil moisture monitoring capabilities.

Our commitment to precision agriculture technology allows farmers to make informed decisions, optimize their irrigation systems, and embrace sustainable farming solutions. With Sensoterra, access to real-time soil moisture data is at your fingertips, enabling precise water management and water resource management for your agricultural operations.

Sensoterra, established in 2015, with its headquarters in Houten, The Netherlands, develops water management solutions for agriculture/horticulture, smart city management, and water governance. Sensoterra has over 12,000 sensors in the ground globally, and generates hundreds of thousands of data points for smart water management, daily. Learn more at

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