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Application of LoRaWAN technology in agriculture



In this final paper is the Internet of Things (IoT) concept is described, its architecture and application in agriculture. In more detail are described concept of smart agriculture and the use of IoT technologies , automation and robotics in agriculture. In addition, the concept of precision agriculture and precision livestock farming is mentioned, as well as types of farm management systems . The use of various sensors makes the job easier for farmers and they have the possibility of constant monitoring of their farms. LoRa WAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) technology is described in detail, its architecture, types and classes of devices. The use of LoRa WAN sensors and other LoRa WAN devices in agriculture significantly improves the operation of farms.

Publication University of Zagreb

Citation Voljavec, Dorotea. Primjena tehnologije LoRa WAN u poljoprivredi. Diss. University of Zagreb. Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences. Division of Transport. Department of Information and Communications Traffic, 2022.


Date September 2022