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Monitoring Golf Courses & Sports Fields

Maintaining lush and functional lawns and turfs requires constant monitoring of landscaping soil. Ensuring optimal water saturation and uptake by plant roots is crucial for quality turf on golf courses and sports fields.

Traditional timed irrigation schemes are no longer adequate for these areas. Smart soil moisture data, measuring at the root zone, provides landscapers with the insights necessary to optimize irrigation, influencing fertigation and management practices. This is especially important given rising water and energy costs, along with restrictions during droughts.

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100% maintenance free

No wires – buried under turf

Highly secure data connection

Suitable for all landscaping soils

Smart data integration for automated irrigation

Integrating Sensoterra soil moisture data into a landscaping platform optimizes irrigation, reducing water usage and energy requirements. By watering grass fields only when necessary, soil health improves, prolonging the quality and robustness of turf. Incorporating soil moisture data into management practices, for improved durability of sports fields.

Our wireless sensors can be buried under turf, for hassle-free installation. Coupled with smart valves, this enables fully automated irrigation, with real-time insights delivered to the platform for instant analysis.

Case Study: ConnectedGreen

“Working with Sensoterra revolutionized our solution offering for landscapers. The sensors are easy to install, and the data integrates seamlessly into the irrigation platform which guides water management decisions for landscapers and contractors”

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Optimized irrigation rounds for watering trucks for municipal tree pits

  • Green turf with less water
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved durability of sports fields

How it has been applied in Smart Resilient Cities.

Tree pit grates

Reduce tree mortality, improve irrigation efficiency, and benefit from ecosystem services in urban environments

Public parks & Green spaces

Set smart automated irrigation for public green spaces based on plant-available water

Nature Based Solutions

Reducing the systemic stresses from climate impacts for urban green decision-makers

Green Infrastructure

Ensure plant health, managing stormwater runoff and green infrastructure for water functionality

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