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Nature-Based Solutions for Smart Climate Adaptation

Nature based solutions pose multiple benefits to cities, considering flood resilience from stormwater runoff, micro-climate cooling as well as providing beautiful urban green environments for its citizens. Flood resilience and climate cooling are major beneficial components to the health and resilience of a city and reducing the systemic stresses from climate impacts is top of the agenda for many urban green decision makers.

In built-up urban areas, water management is increasingly important where pavement and bricks are sealing soils, and preventing saturation of water. This is where green infrastructure comes into play to ensure flood resiliency and improve the viability of urban ecology.

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Data Integration for Nature Based Solutions

Wireless soil moisture sensors play a critical role in providing insights for green infrastructure. Placed in medians, storm runoff areas, and public green water is captured within the green infrastructure, and runoff is reduced.

ClimaSens chose to collaborate with Sensoterra due to their plug & play solution. Integrating various sensors for weather data, temperature, and satellite mapping allows them to assess the performance of assets across a city, leading to a comprehensive understanding of a place’s resilience.


ClimaSens monitors natural infrastructure systems in real-time. They provide insights to municipal decision-makers, fostering citizen engagement and awareness.

Prolonged drought reduces soil water permeability, increasing water runoff and flood risk during heavy rainfall. Sensoterra’s soil moisture data helps determine when irrigation is needed for Nature Based Solution sites.

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“We chose to work with Sensoterra because their solution is completely plug & play. By working with various sensors for weather data, temperature, and satellite mapping, we can aptly determine the performance of assets across a city and therefore understand the resilience of a place.”  – Joe Glesta, ClimaSens

How it has been applied in Smart Resilient Cities.

Tree pit grates

Reduce tree mortality, improve irrigation efficiency, and benefit from ecosystem services in urban environments

Public parks & Green spaces

Set smart automated irrigation for public green spaces based on plant-available water

Golf Courses & Sports Fields

100% maintenance-free soil moisture data for optimal irrigation of grass and turf fields

Green Infrastructure

Ensure plant health, managing stormwater runoff and green infrastructure for water functionality

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