Crop Consultants

Helping to optimize inputs to maximize crop yield

With 24/7 soil moisture data, agronomists optimize their time in the field and can give informed recommendations to the growers they support, for maximum yield. 

"With the Sensoterra sensors, it's possible to understand each field's irrigation needs with completely remote data."
Geert Steenhuis, GMN

Smart insights

With a quick overview of customers' fields, soil moisture data is easily accessible by smartphone, tablet or desktop. Allowing for measurable and comparative data, at your fingertips. 

  • 27/7 insights into what's happening in your customer's fields
  • Identify trends and visualize findings to customers
  • Optimize resource and inputs over time

Data-driven decisions

Because of the probe's simple design, and easy installation, agronomists quickly measure, analyze and report on data insights from the field. 

Integrate probe data into your corporate dashboards, to provide your customers with enriched insights into their crop behavior.

  • Identify current problems with irrigation effectivity
  • Optimal irrigation results in up to a 30% increase in yield
  • Insights are accessible at any time and anywhere 

Learn from past irrigation trends, make smarter decisions for the future


    24/7 data when and wherever you need it


    Get a bird's eye view of all your customer's fields with the ability to zoom into individual probe data, prioritize actions, and save time.

    Hourly data insights

    Open API integration

    Quick installation

    Rugged & simple design

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        Become a certified Sensoterra reseller, or request a quote directly from us. 

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