Senet - Delivering the Promise of IoT in Rural America

Senet - Delivering the Promise of IoT in Rural America

Sensoterra connectivity partner, Senet, is publishing an article about IoT development in croplands in the U.S. 

Sensoterra connectivity partner, Senet, North America’s largest public carrier-grade LoRa modulations, in particular to Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) connectivity, is publishing an article about IoT development in croplands in the U.S.

A recent article from Noelani McGadden, Senet’s Vice President of Strategic Accounts, explains how the role of LoRaWAN emergency is fundamentally changing IoT environment by taking technology to rural and remote areas, representing the key to unlock the massive potential of IoT solutions in these locations. The debate now surrounds how to deploy, connect and manage IoT devices at larger scales to enable more efficient allocation and equal use of resources. The expansion of IoT devices is predicted to reach 75 million units connected in 2020, with the average of producing up to 4.1 million daily data points by 2050.

“Farmers can gain real-time insight into the soil moisture condition of their crops to maximize crop performance, yields and profits,” Bruce Chatterly, CEO, Senet.

This general increase directly results in a larger network of shared data within smart farming technologies and contributes to an optimized supply chain. LoRaWAN has been filling the gap between high-cost and high-function localized Wi-Fi. In other words, LoRaWAN development is substantially reducing costs in capital and operational expenses, deploying sensors solutions with longer lifetimes, reducing the number of gateways, as well as connecting sensors over longer distances in areas where technology has never reached before.

Sensoterra’s sensors are specialized in remote soil moisture monitoring for agriculture, horticulture, Smart City solutions, and landscaping activities. A wireless, low-cost, easy-to-install sensor, designed for all types of crops and soils, structured to provide the best balance between water and soil. With achieving optimum soil moisture conditions, yield increase can be reached as well as water saving by 10-30%. Sensoterra is a contributor to the LoRa Alliance, with current sensors reaching 5,000 units sold globally.

The partnership between Sensoterra and Senet started in 2017 and, since then, its probes utilizes LoRa-enabled technology, where LoRaWAN infrastructure is provided by Senet. Senet’s LoRa network connects probes to the internet in order to help farmers to collect precise data from their fields.

“The Senet network delivers the right coverage, performance, device battery life and cost to deliver on Sensoterra’s value proposition,” Bruce Chatterly, CEO, Senet.


About Senet:

A Founding and Contributing member of the LoRa Alliance, Senet is the leader in the global Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity used to instrument the physical world and enable businesses to revolutionize their operations. With core values centered around changing the world for the better, Senet is committed to promoting IoT Network and Network Management innovation and supports an open partner ecosystem to ensure that IoT realizes its full potential of delivering economic, environmental, and social improvements. Senet is dedicated to supporting the LoRaWAN protocol as the open global standard for secure, carrier-grade IoT Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) connectivity for IoT solutions across all industries.


About Sensoterra:

Founded in 2014, Sensoterra ( provides data-driven solutions for optimizing land and freshwater resources for agriculture, horticulture, landscaping and nature restoration.

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