Growing strawberries with McLeod Farms

Growing strawberries with McLeod Farms

McLeod Farms uses Sensoterra sensors on their strawberry fields in South Carolina, USA. 

McLeod Farms - a strong company specialized in peaches and strawberry crops, on its fifth generation of farmers - uses Sensoterra sensors on their strawberry fields in South Carolina, USA. Going for new technologies to keep the business stronger than ever, McLeod Farms invests in smart farming tools to measure soil health, including Sensoterra soil moisture sensors. 

It takes about 40 employees to run the farm year-round. However, during the peach season (late May through August), the numbers swell to over 200. Workers can be found picking, grading, packing, and preparing shipments for millions of pounds of peaches to all parts of the U.S. and Canada. At the height of the season, daylight to dusk workdays is not unusual.

McLeod Farms utilizes a variety of high-tech equipment, including remote sensing and a modern drip irrigation system and high-speed wind machines. These wind machines work with nature to pull the warmer air from the upper atmosphere down into the orchard to raise ground level temperatures and save crops from devastating cold and frost damage.  In Spring and early Summer, hail prevention equipment crushes hail, by generating high-frequency sound waves (cannon-like sounds) to protect the fruit against potential damage.

Sensoterra is a world leader in wireless soil moisture sensors, helping growers to make the right irrigation decisions, by measuring soil moisture content at the active root zone of the crop. Once achieving a healthy balance between soil and water, growers can enhance crop yield and control what happens in the field via data monitoring in the app. Sensoterra sensors are robust, affordable and connected by LoRaWAN network. 



About McLeod Farms

The McLeods operates one of the largest peach orchards in the South Carolina area, with 650 acres in production. With 22 varieties of peaches on the sandy, loam soils surrounding the small town of McBee, SC. The orchards have been in the McLeod family since 1916. Owner Kemp McLeod represents the fourth generation to work the family orchards. He learned the operation from his father, Campbell McLeod.

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About Sensoterra

Sensoterra is a leader in wireless soil moisture sensing, founded in 2014, and based in Amsterdam with projects in agriculture, horticulture, landscaping, nature restoration, and smart cities. Farming management becomes easier when irrigation decisions are based on soil water content, increasing crop yield and saving energy, time and pesticides application. 

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