Sensors are the future of farming

Sensors are the future of farming

Market insight into moisture meters and a glimpse of the future

As risk of drought increases in many parts of the planet, farmers are turning to irrigation to ensure an adequate harvest, but they need to minimize costs. Future Farming magazine took a close look at the newest soil moisture sensors, what they cost and where the technology is headed in the years to come. Sensoterra technology is there presenting a simple and effective sensor for yield increase together with crop management. 

In Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA in particular, increasing numbers of growers already have irrigation in place or are planning to use it. While it’s a substantial investment, it’s one that obviously mitigates against one of farming’s most serious annual risks, namely drought. Indeed, scientists are predicting that a ‘megadrought’ is already underway right now in the western USA.

Reduced costs of irrigation systems 

The advent of better solar panels and batteries, Internet of Things (IoT), wide-ranging internet networks and cloud computing are reducing the costs of irrigation systems, while at the same time system capabilities are evolving. 

Accurate measurement of soil moisture is obviously key but, according to Jonathan Wisler (Sensoterra), developing world agriculture is still in the early stages of integrating soil moisture sensors into irrigation systems at scale.

“For many, it is still a challenge to get the right soil moisture data from the field and into a digital farming system.”                                                                                                                                                                      Jon Wisler (Sensoterra)



With agricultural production on the rise and (locally) less or less dependable rainfall, it's becoming more important to manage the available water as best as you can. Sensors can help to get the necessary insight for the right moment to irrigate. Photo: Roel Dijkstra



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About Sensoterra 

Sensoterra is a worldwide leader in soil moisture sensing supporting farmers, landscapers, and smart cities to make wiser irrigation decisions for land management. Connected via LoRaWAN technology, sensors are wireless, ready to provide soil moisture data from remote areas to urban farmings. 

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