Open API

Easy integration

If you want to integrate the Sensoterra sensor data into another application, the process is straightforward and can greatly enrich your data dashboards.

Today millions of our sensor data points are routed in this way. We have successful integrations with many data platforms including those offering closed loop irrigation, smartcity landscaping and greenhouse remote monitoring systems.

We have designed our system so you can integrate Sensoterra probes into your own environment. This can be as simple as someone in your technical team integrating one or both  of our APIs.

Developer Tools

We have a Customer API and a Portal API depending on which LoRa network integration or data management platform you want to use. 


The Sensoterra Customer API is used to fully control settings like probe properties and location to inform, and potentially automate the irrigation process. This API is a RESTful web service using JSON as the message format.

The API provides three different access levels, allowing you to build the functionality into your own system and business model. 

  1. Customer
  2. Reseller
  3. Partners 

For quick reference, you can find an overview here and instructions in our Sensor Integration Guide.

The credentials required are the ones you used to create your Sensoterra account.


Want to use your own LoRa network?

The Sensoterra Portal API is part of our Network Integration Guide which is used to operate Sensoterra probes on a customers LoRaWAN network or private gateways. 

Sensoterra adds value by calibrating our data per soil type. After provisioning, the payloads from the sensors must be passed through our Application Server via the so-called "Portal API". 

If you choose this option, you, the customer, are responsible for provisioning the probe in your network and will need the Portal API for the decoding of payloads. The decoder API call is protected by OAuth to prevent misuse of the API.

The workflow will be as follows:

We ship the probes
We securely deliver the necessary keys to you, the customer.
You, the customer, need to register the probe, either via the Sensoterra App, or via the Customer API.
You, the customer, provisions the probe to your LoRa provider.
You, the customer, uses the decoder API call for interpreting the LoRaWAN payload.

Note that when you use the decoder call, we still gather all probe measurements. So the app and customer site are still fully usable and contain all data. You have the option to either configure the soil type using the app/Customer API, or in the Portal API call.

You will need an OAuth token. You can use the login credentials that you create(d) in the Sensoterra app. Should you choose to provision to a private network server, please note that the support we can offer will be limited.

The following guide describes how to deploy probes and how to process payloads. The intended audience are LoRaWAN providers who need to support Sensoterra probes and can integrate it into their own networks and servers. Overview is here further instructions are found in our Network Integration Guide below

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