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API integration

REST API and HTTP Push Notifications

This blog post serves as a comprehensive guide to the best practices for integrating soil moisture sensors with Sensoterra’s professional soil moisture meters. Our innovative moisture probes and soil sensors ensure that you get the most accurate soil moisture readings. We’ve tailored our sensor ecosystem to perfectly align with an API-first approach, making integration smoother than ever.

Effortless Data Retrieval with Your Soil Moisture Probe

Utilizing your credentials, you have the power to retrieve essential data through the REST API. From wireless soil moisture sensors to professional moisture meters, you can access valuable information such as sensor numbers, readings, and various parameters. Traditional polling might stress both your system and our sensors, especially with numerous devices. To streamline the process and avoid unnecessary headaches, we recommend creating an endpoint in your backend. With HTTP Push, you’ll receive real-time readings for all soil moisture probes under your account, reducing the need for constant manual retrieval.

Seamless Hierarchy and Accessibility

For our esteemed reseller account holders, integrating data from customers’ soil moisture sensors becomes effortless. You won’t need to use your customers’ credentials, thanks to the capabilities of the REST API. By setting up HTTP Push for your reseller account, you ensure all measurements from sensors under your customer accounts are forwarded efficiently. Moreover, you can access a detailed customer list, along with the sensor numbers linked to each customer.

Registering Soil Moisture Probes and Customizing Settings

Complete control over your system is crucial when integrating soil moisture sensors. You can register new soil moisture probes through the API and customize settings, including soil calibration, sensor naming, and geolocation. This flexible approach allows you to decide where to store specific information within your platform. Furthermore, it’s possible to create new user accounts under your reseller account through the API, providing an added layer of customization.

Streamlined Retrieval of Parameter Lists

Given the dynamic nature of sensor technology and soil calibration updates, Sensoterra allows you to effortlessly retrieve parameter lists. For instance, a comprehensive list of soil calibrations is at your disposal. By doing so, you ensure that your platform integration remains up-to-date with the latest advancements at Sensoterra.

In conclusion, Sensoterra’s commitment to sensor technology, soil moisture monitoring, and integrated systems aims to simplify the decision-making process. With our API, your sensor ecosystem receives a boost in efficiency and flexibility, minimizing the need for extensive manual data retrieval and ensuring you stay in sync with the latest developments. Sensoterra: Your trusted partner for comprehensive sensor integration.

Getting started

All calls and model code can be found on the API Swagger page. For more detailed information, check our Moisture Data Integration guide.