Alternative Connectivity Options

Connect devices anywhere with low-power and low-cost satellite connectivity network

A number of our partners are working on direct to satellite communication. The technology is not ready yet, but we are working with partners to ensure Sensoterra solutions are one of the first to market. One of our example partners are Hiber who aim to connect devices anywhere with Hiberband low-power and low-cost satellite connectivity network

Hiber (formerly Magnitude Space) is a 'NewSpace' startup, founded and led by a dream team of satellite experts and tech entrepreneurs. These 'Hibernauts' are working on a moonshoot goal: to launch and run a nano-satellite constellation in space. More than 40 employees work on the ground-breaking, patent-pending technology behind Hiber and Hiberband at its offices in Amsterdam and Delft.

To date, the company has managed to attract significant funding. This has meant that in November 2018 Hiber became the Netherlands’ first commercial satellite company, launching its first two nano-satellites into orbit. Hiber officially launched at the Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Re:invent Conference in November 2018 where they were named Commercial Startup Launch of 2018 at the AWS.